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For the municipality

Creating a tender request / tender basis for a product that you do not often buy can be a challenge. Often, critical assumptions or functions are not provided that can cost the final solution. We recommend dialogue with suppliers / architects to gather experience and tips. Make a good feature description and remove any unnecessary detail requirements. When choosing tenders, one should certainly choose the procedure with possibilities for dialogue before final selection. Here, misunderstandings about requirements / wishes and assumptions can be resolved and the right solution is offered. Our experience indicates that it is advisable to get input from suppliers as early as possible in the process.

Teleskoptribune i Nye Nidarøhallen under byging

At Fair Deal Tribuneservice, we are committed to creating the best solution for their project. Our experienced project managers take care of the production and installation of the stands, and deliver progress plans during the project and collaborate seamlessly with other suppliers.


Fair Deal is startBANK approved, and our products meet the standards NS-EN 13200 1-6 (spectator facilities), NS-EN 13200-5 (Telescope stands) and TEK17.


We can help with planning and planning. Our knowledge and experience of solutions, standards, rules and regulations contribute to a smooth running of the project.

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