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Fair Deal Tribune Service is a total supplier of stand and seat solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. We can help throughout the project, including mapping, design, offers and ideas, for financing, production, logistics, assembly, maintenance and training.


We can provide solutions for large stadiums and halls as well as small court systems for schools, congregations and meeting rooms. Our specialists help you design the best possible solution based on their needs and budget. All our solutions are designed to the current standards.


We manufacture and supply stand solutions in collaboration with Avant Seating System , one of the world's largest suppliers of stand and seat systems. Avant has produced and delivered grandstand solutions to major championships such as the European Championship, the World Cup and the Olympics for over 25 years.


Fair Deal AS was established in 2003 and has a solid economy. Fair Deal AS develops and markets products for the construction industry.




Fair Deal is approved in StartBANK until March 8, 2021. StartBANK is a joint supplier register used by purchasers in the construction, management, insurance and real estate markets in Norway, in support of serious suppliers and with updated and verified supplier information. Over 6,000 suppliers have been evaluated on the basis of predetermined approval criteria, and StartBANK a fair, open and secure solution for selecting reliable suppliers. This allows suppliers to compete on equal terms and contributes to the use of serious actors, and creates new business opportunities for both buyers and suppliers.


Our company takes the work environment and external environment seriously. It's about our corporate social responsibility, our reputation and our credibility. We will be a company that offers environmentally friendly solutions in all our assignments.


Fair Deal As today has an internal environmental management system . Environmental management is used to regulate the impact of businesses on the external environment. This means that a business formulates environmental policies and objectives to manage activities, products and services. This is often integrated into the company's other management and management functions.


Environmental Lighthouse is a certification scheme for businesses that want to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. A certified company meets criteria adapted to its own operations and industry, and implements measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and a good working environment. An environmental lighthouse certificate is awarded after an independent assessment by a certifier. Every three years the business is recertified.


Ethical Trade / Fairtrade

Already in our company name lies our desire for us and all our contact points to act fair, in relation to human dignity, laws, rules and good business practice.
We strive daily for all our manufacturers and suppliers to follow international rules and guidelines that follow Social Accountability 8000.
SA8000 is an abbreviation for Social Accountability 8000. It is an international standard for business ethics (codes of conduct), focusing on employee working conditions. An SA8000 certified company has been controlled by an independent company. The SA8000 is primarily aimed at factories (manufacturers) and not service companies.


This implies:

  • Prohibit child labor

  • Prohibition of forced labor

  • Workers' health and safety must be taken care of

  • Working Regulations

  • Equal pay for equal work; prohibit anti-discrimination

  • Freedom of association for joint negotiations

  • Prohibition of physical punishment and bullying

  • A salary that covers basic needs


The SA8000 is based on a number of ILO conventions (International Labor Organization), the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.


Where local law is stricter than these conventions, this applies. Certified companies must also have a documentation system to handle the requirements.



Universal Design

1.1.2018 the "Equality and Discrimination Act" was updated. The law should give everyone an equal opportunity.


Easier and better for everyone.

The idea of ​​universal design is thus to make the main solution so user-friendly that special solutions should be needed to a small extent next to it.


In this way we achieve:

  • Fewer special solutions to develop and maintain equally

  • Get special solutions for "those with disabilities"

  • Solutions that are simpler and better for everyone

  • Several ways to use the solution

  • Possibility for more people to use the solutions


We like to call it "design for everyone"!



Our stands come with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects on all components. The guarantee does not cover very rough treatment such as vandalism. Regular follow-up of the stand and a service agreement are recommended to maintain the stand and repair any damage. It will provide smooth operation and ensure a facility you can be satisfied with for a long time.

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