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For the Architect

There is a lot to think about when starting a project. There are many considerations to take, standards and regulations to be aware of and pitfalls to avoid.


A good tip is that it is advisable to place stands in projects such as your own contracts. Experience shows that this is usually cheaper for the customer, and not least the supplier enters into a planning process earlier and in a completely different way than as a subcontractor.


Our project managers have the knowledge and experience needed for optimal utilization of an area. Even in large buildings, every inch is important. We often find that the layout of the grandstand is taken for granted, and we are judged too late in the process to achieve the optimal solutions. With us as a supporter you will avoid the most common pitfalls, and together we can create a project you can be proud of.


We provide technical drawings of grandstand solutions in, for example, dwg format, so that you can integrate the grandstands into the planning and early highlight the challenges and the good solutions. We can tailor models and colors to their needs, and integrate the stands seamlessly into the hall.




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