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- Sports teams who want new or better stands should orient themselves as well as possible about what alternatives exist and how it should all be funded.


How much does a grandstand cost?

What does a grandstand cost is about the same as the question "What does a car cost?" It depends on. There are many possible options in relation to stand types, model choices and color that add up to the total.


Several sports associations have created their own guides for clubs and teams that will have a new sports hall or outdoor arena.

Tribuner - Tribune - Ståltribune - Sitteløsning -

We can distinguish between three main types of stands:
1. Durable solutions with seats attached to concrete supports.
2. Durable solutions with flexible use of the area - telescopic stands that can be folded out / pulled together.
3. Temporary stands built for arrangement and dismantled / moved to another location / warehouse.


For financing stands, it is natural for many to apply for tipping funds, cultural resources from the municipality, county and state.

For many sports teams, it may be a good idea to "sell" the seats to individuals or companies and give them back seat advertising. There may also be money saved in mobilizing members for tribunal virtue. Someone who can handle the drill and others who can carry and hold / lift. It can be good money to save through some dedication. We at Fair Deal can organize the work so that the club gets a cheaper solution or more for the money.



Get in touch early!

Whichever supplier you want to work with, it is important to make contact early. Get information on opportunities in relation to needs. Some desires cost a lot and others cost little. Don't be prejudiced about what's cheap and expensive, but focus on needs. Some choose to blueprint others' specifications and use it as a basis for obtaining offers. It can be a real bomb. All suppliers will try to get their own special features to be what the customer wants. This means you end up with very few suppliers and are locked into a more expensive solution.

We try to live up to our name "Fair Deal" and want sports teams to find a solution that is tailored to the economy, use and opportunities for financing / income. It is tough to be on the board of the sports team and we are happy to be from the idea stage. Feel free to contact us for an informal chat.


Teleskoptribune med farger og som støtter opp mot klubbens identitet og design. Tribuner
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