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Cinema, school and auditorium

The auditorium is a room that accommodates many people. The room has its origins in Greek and Roman architecture, where the spectators in the amphitheater sat on stairs in a semicircle around a stage. The auditorium is still being built over the same reading, so that the audience can easily follow lectures, lectures, teaching, seminars, debates, theater, concerts, film screenings and the like.

The rooms are often found in schools, educational establishments, public buildings, sports halls, office communities, cinema, theater and concert halls.

The auditorium usually has fixed chairs, often with folding seats for easy passage in the rows. In the rows, tables can also be mounted for a more flexible total solution. Several chair types can also be mounted in a circle formation
We tailor solutions that will provide one room that is both solemn and functional. Which will suit both work and celebration.

Our flexible furniture has acoustic measures, good seating comfort, ergonomic qualities and satisfies high quality requirements. Something that is important to the overall user experience.

If room capacity is poor, a solution may be to create a multi-room with a telescope auditorium.

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