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Smart Arena

Smart arena are multifunctional stands that provide very favorable utilization of available space by combining stadium stands and other function rooms. The stands can be customized in line with other types, with different seat types, colors and combinations, and offer a number of new design options in themselves.
By building in height, you utilize space that would otherwise be lost without affecting the user experience. Smart arena is a good solution for replacing traditional concrete stands and can give the arena more features.


Examples of function rooms:

• Wardrobe
• Fitness room
• Recreation room
• Dining room
• Health center
• Kiosk
• VIP room
• Clubhouse
• Speaker bid
• Souvenir shop
• Conference room
• Media Center
• Technical room
• Storage
• Garage
• Workshop


Tribuneservice can help you identify the needs of the facility and smartly adapt the arena to their usage and budget.

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